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About Vrtec Šentvid

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About Vrtec Šentvid

Vrtec Šentvid is a public preschool established by the City of Ljubljana Municipality.

It provides the preschool education and care for children aged between 1 and 6. The programme is based on the national curriculum for preschools.

There are about 650 children in our preschool in 36 groups on 5 different locations in the northern area of Ljubljana:

  • Unit Sapramiška is located in Šentvid, Ulica pregnancev 6 (11 groups 1-5)
  • Unit Vid is located in Šentvid, Prušnikova ulica 73 a (4 groups 3-6) and with a separate group in Koseze, Ulica bratov Učakar 6 (1 group 1-3)
  • Unit Mravljinček is located in Brod, Martinova pot 16 (16 groups 1-6)
  • Unit Mišmaš is located in Gunclje, Kosijeva 1 (3 groups 1-3)